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textBEAST Clipboard+ 3.5.2

Ultrabook / Netbook Software Downloads » Utilities Category » System Tools » textBEAST Clipboard+ 3.5.2
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Date Added:

Jan 24, 2012 02:35 PM

Publisher's Description:

Simplify typing, documentation, and research: Any text, whether one letter or many pages in length, can be copied and stored in one of many textboxes so that it can be quickly located, viewed, and pasted into documents.

Collect and organize information for projects: textBEAST can be used as an essentially endless notepad. Just select the desired text and click to copy it into textBEAST. Keep all of your information organized in one place for easy access and viewing, rather than in multiple files!

Simplify document preparation: textBEAST can quickly access and paste text clips that you may re-use in your documents/communications (document automation). Click to paste stored text into any window that accepts text, including text editors, web pages and spreadsheets.

Copy and paste multiple items faster than ever: Unlike the Windows clipboard, textBEAST's capacity is essentially endless, and it can be used as a giant multi-clipboard, greatly speeding up many tasks.

Plus: "Auto Clipboard" automatically copies and saves the last 20 items copied in any application, adding another way to tremendously speed up copy/paste tasks. Screen capture lets you grab, store, and view screenshots of anything on your screen! Portable USB version now included: use one textBEAST on your home/work computer and take one with you!




Last Download:

Jul 20, 2014 02:45 AM






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textBEAST Clipboard+ 3.5.2

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