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HWiNFO64 v4.23.1973 Beta / 4.22.1970

Ultrabook / Netbook Software Downloads » Utilities Category » System Tools » HWiNFO64 v4.23.1973 Beta / 4.22.1970
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Date Added:

Aug 26, 2013 04:58 AM

Publisher's Description:

Intel Nehalem family: Bloomfield, Nehalem-EP/Gainestown, Nehalem-WS, Nehalem-EX/Beckton, Lynnfield, Clarksfield, Havendale, Auburndale, Jasper Forest
Intel Westmere family: Clarkdale, Arrandale (+ECC), Westmere-EP, Westmere-WS, Core Gulftown, Westmere-EX (Eagleton)
Intel Sandy Bridge (2nd Generation Core) family: Sandy Bridge-DT, Sandy Bridge-MB, Sandy Bridge-E, Sandy Bridge-EN, Sandy Bridge-EP/EP 4S (Jaketown)
Intel Ivy Bridge (3rd Generation Core) family: Ivy Bridge-DT, Ivy Bridge-MB, Ivy Bridge EN/EP/EP 4S/EX (Ivytown)
Intel Haswell (4th Generation Core) family: Haswell-DT/MB/ULT/Y, Haswell-EN/EP/EP 4S/EX
Intel Broadwell family: Broadwell-U, Broadwell-Y, Broadwell Halo (Brystalwell)
Intel Atom: Silverthorne, Diamondville, Pineview, Tunnel Creek, Lincroft, Cedarview, Cloverview, Centerton, Briarwood, Valleyview/Bay Trail-M/D/I/T, Avoton, Rangeley

AMD Family 10h (DR-Ax/Bx, RB-Cx, BL-Cx, DA-Cx, HY-Dx, PH-Ex):
- AM2r2/AM3: Athlon/Sempron (Lima, Sargas), Athlon II/Neo (Kuma, Regor, Rana, Propus), Phenom II/Neo (Agena, Deneb, Callisto, Heka, Toliman, Thuban), TWKR Black Edition
- Fr2/Fr4: Opteron (Barcelona, Shanghai, Suzuka, Budapest, Istanbul)
- C32r1: Opteron 41xx (Lisbon)
- G34: Opteron 61xx (Magny Cours)
- S1g3/g4: Turion II/Ultra, Athlon II, Phenom II
- ASB2: Athlon II Neo K/R/N, Turion II Neo K/N (Geneva)
AMD Family 11h (LG-Ax/Bx): S1g2: Sempron SI/NI/X2, Athlon QI/QL (Sable), Turion X2 Ultra/RM (Griffin)
AMD Family 12h Fusion/Llano (FS1, FM1, FP1)
AMD Family 14h Brazos/Bobcat: Ontario, Zacate (FT1)
AMD Family 14h (FT2)
AMD Family 15h Bulldozer: AM3r2 (Zambezi), G34r1 (Interlagos), C32r1 (Valencia)
AMD Family 15h Piledriver/Trinity: FP2, FS1r2, FM2
AMD Family 15h Steamroller/Kaveri
AMD Family 16h Jaguar/Kabini/Temash
AMD Family 16h Mullins/Beema
VIA C7, Nano, Nano X2, Nano Quad-Core
AMD Northern Islands: Cayman, Antilles, Blackcomb, Barts, Whistler, Onega, Turks, Seymour, Caicos, Caspian.
AMD Southern Islands: Tahiti, New Zealand, Cape Verde.
AMD London series: Pitcairn/Wimbledon, Heathrow/Chelsea, Thames/Lombok, Great Wall, Summer Palace.
AMD Sea Islands: Oland, Bonaire, Hainan, Curacao, Aruba.
AMD Solar Systems: Mars, Sun, Neptune, Venus.
AMD Volcanic Islands/Crystal: Hawaii, Vesuvius, Maui, Iceland/Topaz, Tonga/Amethyst.
AMD Pirate Islands: Bermuda, Fiji, Treasure.
AMD Fusion: Sumo, Wrestler, Trinity Devastator/Scrapper, Richland, Kaveri, Pennar.
AMD Fusion: Kabini, Mullins, Carrizo, Amur, Bhavani.
nVidia Fermi: GeForce GTX 465/470/480/480M, Quadro 5000/6000/5000M, Tesla C2050/C2070/M2050/M2070/S2050/S2070 (GF100), GeForce GTX 455/460/470M (GF104), GeForce GT 440/435M/445M, GTS 450, GTX 460M, Quadro 2000 (GF106), GeForce GT 420/430/440, 415M/420M/425M/435M/555M, Quadro 600 (GF108), GeForce GTX 560 Ti/570/580/590 (GF110), GeForce GTX 560/560 Ti (GF114), GeForce GT 545/GTS 450/GTX 550 Ti (GF116), GeForce GT 520M (GF118), GeForce GT 520 (GF119)
nVidia Kepler: GeForce GTX 660/660 Ti/670/680/690/770, 670MX/675MX/680M/680MX/775M/780M, Tesla K10/K2 USM (GK104), Quadro 4100/K3000M/K4000M/K4100M/K5000/K2 USM, GeForce GTX 650 Ti/660/760M/765M/770M, Quadro K2100M (GK106), GeForce GT 630/640/730M/740M/745M/755M/GTX 650/640M/645M/650M/GTX 650M/GTX 660M, Quadro 410/K600/K1000M/K2000M/K2000/K2000D/K1 USM, GRID K100/K340 (GK107), Tesla K20Xm/K20c/K20s/K20m. GeForce GTX 780/Titan/Titan LE (GK110)
S3 Chrome 500 Series
Intel GMA: Ironlake, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell


Last Download:

Jan 19, 2023 10:35 PM






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HWiNFO64 v4.23.1973 Beta / 4.22.1970

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