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GoldBug Instant Messenger 0.4

Ultrabook / Netbook Software Downloads » Internet Category » GoldBug Instant Messenger 0.4
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Date Added:

Sep 10, 2013 07:17 AM

Publisher's Description:

GoldBug was the title of a short story of Edgar Allan Poe about cryptograms in 1843. In the short story Mr. LeGrand, who was recently bitten by a gold-colored bug, starts an adventure with two other friends after deciphering a secret message. Poe took advantage of the popularity of cryptography and the success of the story centers on one such cryptogram. "The Gold-Bug" was an instant success and was the most popular and most widely read of Poe's works during his lifetime. It also helped to popularize cryptograms and secured writing.
What is the Echo Protocol of LibSpot-On?

The echo protocol means in simple words, you send only encrypted messages, but you send the one message to all of your connected friends. They do the same. You maintain your own network, everyone has every message and you try to decrypt every message. In case you can read and unwrap it, it is a message for you. Otherwise you share the message with all your friends and the message remains encrypted. If you use the modus "half echo", then your message is not shared with other participants. Echo is very simple and the principle is over 30 years old - nothing new. As echo uses HTTP as a protocol, there is no forwarding or routing of messages, as you send your message e.g. from your home laptop to your webserver. That is similar as if you send an encrypted zip from your home to your own webserver. The process starts at each destination new - as you define it. With echo, you start not only a new protocol, but also a new dimension of networking and thinking. Echo is not p2p nor is it f2f, it adds a third category into the net world, which of course can bridge p2p to f2f and create not-determined WoTs connections with the half echo. The super-echo is an option to forward a message even in that case, that you could have read it. This will make analysis (in a simple environment, so called "triangulation of the destination") senseless, in which two nodes as an anylizer are connecting to one other node and a forth node is sending a message: With the GB- option "Super-Echo" every analyzing node is getting the message in every case (readable messages are as well processed to neighbors).
GB has a new encrypted IRC Chat implemented?

Next to the implemented private chat and implemented offline email, GoldBug Messenger integrates as well an IRC chat for public channels and IRC rooms. The IRC protocol has been defined new with the echo, as the chat is not based on the irc protocol, the poper name would be E*IRC = Echo*IRC. GoldBug has currently implemented only one channel - how could it be, it is: goldbug (in small letters). All people, connected to one IP, just need to enter the room name, e.g. "goldbug" and they are connected within the room. The advantage is, that this channel is created based on an AES-key. Every connection to this room is encrypted and cannot be read by any ISP - as long as the channel name is not known. Example: Two friends at a party or at the online chat can agree to find a common word as a channel name, they only both know. Ask your girlfriend: "What is the pet we both like most?" - She thinks: "Dalmatian". And you connect now within this room. Qt-IRC clients (like Quassel or KVIRC) are kindly requested to implement the echoed IRC. One client, which already declared to add E*IRC functionality will be - Qt-Developers are appreciated to join. Netsplit is in oldstyle IRC a well known phenomen: if several IRC servers are disconnected, the room members are splitted. Which means on the opposite: When different server IPs have the same room name hosted, and both servers connect - all the members of the same room behind the milky way will join the same named channel. With GolbBug E*IRC servers, which connect as well to E*IRC servers, the netsplit is transcended: two rooms are bridged into one. For the 'goldbug' channel-room you get more users, when you add several chat servers to your messenger.
End-to-End-Encryption What is the MELODICA Function?

With the MELODICA button or (right mouse click) context menu you call your friend and send him a new Gemini (AES-256-Key). The Key is sent over your asymmetric encryption of the RSA key. This is a secure way like the sneakernet to transfer end-to-end keys, as all other plaintext transferals like email, spoken over phone or in other messengers have to be regarded as unsafe and recorded. MELODICA stands for: Multi Encrypted LOng DIstance CAlling. You call your friend even over a long distance of the echo protocol and exchange over secure asymmetric encryption a Gemini (AES-256 key) to establish an end-to-end encryted channel. As the Gemini is a shared secret, how will your transfer it over the insecure internet? How to transfer a symmetric key safe and secure? Just use MELODICA, which provides a key transport based on public key encryption. You can press the button at any time when your friend is online and quickly generate a new Gemini unique at both sides. MELODICA has been introduced with GoldBug libspoton version V02 (which is not backwards compatible with kernel and gui of V01 - please update).
Can I join the development or contribute ?

Of course you can: spread the word, add a notice to your blog, test the software, download the source code, invite friends, add translations, evaluate the code, contribute code to the given echo projets or create your own client based on the echo or implement it hybrid or as a plugin into given applications referring to communication, which should be secured. Most important: create a listener, which is reachable from the web on your webserver or at home, by proper forwarding your chosen port in your router/nat. Or write a RFC. Since the libspot-on release echo is open for research and GB-Messenger added a cool userinterface (ui) to it: Either research echo as is or its way of thinking as added value for other applications and protocols. As well in the given echo-apps like GoldBug some features might be of interest: Email currently has no attachement and you might ask about echo beeing a webproxy between two nodes (á la psiphon) or you think of echo-torrents?! Learn to understand what echo is and rethink given protocols based on the echo. GoldBug is just a simple design study of the user interface for the spot-on library, which deploys the echo. Jabber, Torrent, Pop3/IMAP, IRC and are not up to date anymore in case you consider the echo. Please update.




Last Download:

Nov 05, 2022 11:15 AM






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GoldBug Instant Messenger 0.4

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