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AyeSusThis VGA DRIVERS 901-1000 BETA

Ultrabook / Netbook Software Downloads » Drivers Category » AyeSusThis VGA DRIVERS 901-1000 BETA
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Date Added:

Oct 08, 2008 01:06 PM

Publisher's Description:

The is the AYE-SUS THIS VGA Driver V3 developed for Eee PC 901 and 1000. It is in Demo stages. So update us with reviews.

This is a Windows Xp custom video driver set for the EeePc, not Linux package.




These drivers are supplied for free, I did not get paid to develop them they are a `good will` gesture to the

forum community. If a question has already been answered in the forum I reserve the right not to reply to a 2nd user on the same issue.

Users should search before just simply crying for help


This is package does several things:

* Hot tweeks & slipstreams Bassam`s multi-video Astray into the latest Intel drivers

* Tweeks better performance from the standard Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver

Modified Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset

* Files optimized redundant data removed. (Relocations and debug information)

* Removes multi lanaguages, standard English only (killed the bloatware)

* Improves the speed of install from standard package

* Makes it a breeze to install (but cost me two days of my time to integrate)

* Makes possible all screen resolutions without loosing the screen area unlike the standard drivers

* Smaller download compared to the Intel equivalent

* Automated install script encluded ie one click silent install

* Updated help file

* Smaller file sizes to save on disk space

The 701 model release:

* AsTray Plus v.1.3.7 slipstreamed

* Control panel bug fixed

* Improved help file & greetings added to all who have contributed

* Fun new graphic install mod applied (run setup.exe)

* Compatable with the 700 & 900 series of EeePc laptops

Benchmarks: (Thanks goes out to `runawayprisoner - Senior Member` for taking the time to do these for us)

* Some games need Astray Plus running to display correctly in 640 x 480 (Street Racing Syndicate for instance)

* Rotating the screen works faster with these drivers

* Games run noticeably smoother with these drivers, even in spanning/scrolling mode

* Photoshop CS3 renders noticeably faster with these drivers as well

* BIOS 8804 no longer gives wavy lines anymore, for some reason

Bolan also made a point of saying they were great drivers when he tested them with significantly lower CPU with overlay and flash viz.

I could not have created this without the inspiration from others on this forum - like all good things `team` attitude is in focus, all are credited on the installation startup. ** A very special thanks to Mehboob for hosting these drivers at **

For the 901 and 1000 (BETA)


Once downloaded you will need `Winrar` to unzip the files.


Once done simply run `Setup.exe` or if you have trouble following the installation if the display is the wrong screen resolution simply opt for the automated `SilentInstall.bat` this will slip stream the process, after which a simple restart is all that is then needed. (note this bat file is not included in Beta versions).




Before you go right on ahead and install these drivers it is `highly` recommended to first uninstall the display drivers you have on your system currently otherwise they will cause problems later, and take a minute to read the FAQ`s listed below.

Q. I Can`t seem to get Directx9 working with these drivers.

A. Take down Downscaling in Astray, this will fix the issue.

Q. Can you make a better driver for the other Asus modles?

A. If I have time I might be able too - if you send me the link to the current driver for me to mod.

Q. I cannot change screen resolutions since using another BIOS update

A. I recommend using the `latest` BIOS update Asus produced since it addresses many system issues and works best with these drivers. Older

versions can cause problems with how XP loads the drivers

Q. I cannot get 800x480 now what?

A. The graphics drivers default to 800X600@32, which prevents AsTray from changing the resolution at all. To bypass this, right click on the AsTray, go to Settings -> Configuration, and change `Basemode` to 800,480,32,60. Please remember as with modding all hardware and software there is a price for the performance gain - in this case limitation on maximum size of screen display. Also see

Q. I am getting two tray icons and my setting do not seem right

A. Uninstall any previous display drivers, and if installed remove previous installations of Astray. To do this you need to quit the old tray from running. Double click to bring up the option to `do not run at startup` if that feature exists in your version. Quit the program with a right mouse

click. Astray, resides at `c:\program files\asus\eeepc acpi` delete it and remove the the old AsTray.ini if there is one - Make sure you delete the old `AsTray.ini` if one is there also. Only after you have done this re-install the down loadable drivers from this thred :-)

Q. I have a corrupt display driver what do i do?

A. Download Driver Cleaner Pro

next.. Click Start, Run type appwiz.cpl click ok. Uninstall old driver `Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver` in Windows Xp. Then restart.

Unzip downloaded driver and run setup. Run Driver Cleaner Pro to remove any remaining driver problems

Q. I cannot access the control panel. Can you help?

A. Uninstall version 2 of the driver and install the new version that has now got the fix

Q. Does this driver use more battery?

A. No this driver does not, what would drain it more is if you ran your laptop with maximum brightness, ie pressing Fn and F4 on your keyboard.

Q. I have a question about Astray plus and need further details about it

A. Have a read of Bassam`s Astray Plus thred. Note: The latest Astray Plus is already installed on your system ;-) you might also wish to check this link

Q. Some screen resolutions do not work with Astray plus can you do anything about it?

A. See above answer in respect to the hyperlink. Please remember as with modding all hardware and software there is a price for performance - in this case limitation on maximum size of screen display.

Q. Can I slipstream this package this with Windows Xp?

A. The included `SilentInstall.bat` file allows this or if you run setup with the minus s switch, as follows: `Setup.exe -s`

Q. When I turn on an external monitor and go back to notebook mode, 640x480 mode `disappears`

A. This is a Windows XP issue not a driver issue. 640 x 480 would disappear. XP by default will hide anything lower than 800 x 600.

Q. Will this driver work with the Eee 900 series as well?

A. Yes since the 900 series is compatable with the the same chipset Intel drivers

Q. Will this driver work with Vista?

A. This driver has been tested to work with XP and Windows 2000. It has not been fully tested on the Vista platform officially yet

but Astray plus has been proven to work in Vista if run in `compatibility mode`.

Q. I have a problem downloading these drivers can you help?

A. There are two locations you can download them from - try the other location ;-)

Q. I have an issue not listed here

A. Login into this forum and reply to this post. PLEASE make sure you mentioned what model your using and operating system.




Last Download:

Jul 12, 2019 07:26 PM






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AyeSusThis VGA DRIVERS 901-1000 BETA

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