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Category : Developer Tools



Date Added

PSPad Editor BETA (Recommended)
An editor for developers for Microsoft Windows systems

667 Jul 06, 2009
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (Recommended)
The Microsoft .NET Framework 4 redistributable package installs the .NET Framework runtime

1434 Apr 26, 2010
FastReport.Net 1.7.33 (Recommended)
Concerning net reports, FastReport.Net is a full-featured .net reporting solution for developers who use Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 or any other development tool that works with .NET Framew

661 Nov 23, 2011
ZionEdit 2.4.6  
ZionEdit is a very intuitive, highly configurable, light and uncluttered programmer´s editor based on the awesome Scintilla edit component.

395 Sep 03, 2013
ZinjaI 20130730  
ZinjaI es un IDE (entorno de desarrollo integrado) libre y gratuito para programar en C/C++.

457 Aug 06, 2013
Zeus for Windows 3.97j  
Zeus is an editor/IDE specifically designed for software developers working in the Windows environment.

655 Apr 12, 2012
Zeta Producer CMS 10.7.1  
Zeta Producer is a free website generator CMS that allows you to publish your website within minutes.

549 Apr 13, 2012
Zeo Decoder Viewer 0.2 Alpha 2  
This viewer was created to simplify viewing Zeo data offline.

572 Apr 03, 2011
Zend Studio for Eclipse 8.0.1  
Zend Studio is the only Integrated Development Environment (IDE) available for professional developers providing the capabilities needed to develop business applications.

613 May 31, 2011
Z-WAMP 2.1.6  
Z-WAMP is a lightweight zero-install Web server package that runs on Windows.

521 Aug 05, 2012
Z-WAMP 2.1.4  
Z-WAMP is a lightweight zero-install Web server package that runs on Windows.

470 May 30, 2012
Z-Admin CMS for ASP.NET v1.0  
With z-admin Small Business CMS you will get all the tools needed to create beautiful website.

513 Feb 05, 2012
YouTrack 3.3.0  
YouTrack is an innovative, keyboard-centric issue tracking and project tracking tool.

468 May 13, 2012
YoPoW 3.4  
YoPoW is a program to generate on a simple way Web Albums of your pictures/photos.

574 Aug 18, 2010
XStudio 2.3 Beta 3 / 2.2 sp4  
XStudio is more than a standard test management platform,

294 Apr 30, 2015
XStudio 2.3  
XQual Studio (XStudio) is a FREE 100% graphical test management application that handles the complete life-cycle of your QA/testing projects from A to Z: users

332 May 25, 2015
XStudio 1.7 sp4  
Although the details on how to install the whole test automation framework are described in the official documentation, the installation of XStudio is pretty straight forward and can be summarized in

425 Jan 15, 2013
XStudio 1.7 sp2  
XQual delivers a modular ALM solution allowing to manage the complete life-cycle of your products.

398 Dec 28, 2012
XStudio 1.6b2  
Versioned tests and test cases, scheduled or instant execution of test campaigns.

450 Jun 01, 2012
XStudio 1.4 Beta 2  
Versioned tests and test cases, scheduled or instant execution of test campaigns

543 Jan 13, 2011
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