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Category : Compilers



Date Added

Zeta Resource Editor  
A free application that enables you to edit standard Microsoft .NET string resources from multiple different resource files together inside one single data grid.

255 Nov 06, 2009
Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 CTP  
The Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 Update provides additional functionality to the existing Windows Phone SDK 7.1 software to enable mobile developers to better target applications for 256MB Windows Phone de

199 Mar 11, 2012
Turbo51 v0.1.3.9  
Advanced IP Scanner is a free, fast and easy-to-use network scanner for Windows.

170 Feb 09, 2011
Torrent Search  
Torrent Search is a torrent searching application developed in Python

203 Sep 24, 2010
TempleOS (formerly LoseThos) 3.03  
TempleOS (formerly LoseThos) is an x86_64, multi-tasking, multi-cored, public domain, open source, ring-0-only, single-address-map (identity-mapped),

2 Feb 27, 2015
TempleOS (formerly LoseThos) 1.08  
21 So Solomon overlaid the house within with pure gold: and he made a partition by the chains of gold before the oracle; and he overlaid

67 Nov 13, 2013
TempleOS (formerly LoseThos) 1.05  
You get out of prayer what you put in. God said, "honest measures" applies when exchanging an offering for a response from the oracle in TempleOS.

79 Sep 06, 2013
SVERDYSH Python Exemaker 12.1  
SVERDYSH Python Exemaker program makes standalone Windows executables (.exe) from Python files (.py) in a highly automated manner.

91 Nov 13, 2013
SuperCollider 3.6.2  
SuperCollider is an environment and programming language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition

123 Dec 28, 2012
QuickSharp is a minimalist IDE for Microsoft .NET

130 Feb 06, 2011
Edit, compile and run .NET programs from within the QuickSharp IDE

165 Jan 09, 2011
Edit, compile and run .NET programs from within the QuickSharp IDE Full C# support with multiple

156 Sep 24, 2010
NaaLaa 4.0  
It started out as a calculator, but hubris and madness led to the construction of a complete programming language.

193 Jul 23, 2010
LoseThos 7.00  
LoseThos runs in long mode and uses 64-bit pointers.

132 Feb 13, 2011
LoseThos 6.16  
LoseThos is mostly finished. LoseThos will never have networking

185 Sep 25, 2010
LoseThos 6.12  
LoseThos is mostly done. LoseThos will never have networking, other graphics modes, or USB support

167 Jul 26, 2010
LoseThos 6.02  
Live CD, so you can test drive or install. It's free. Burn a CD/DVD and boot

193 Feb 16, 2010
LoseThos 5.17  
LoseThos is a "supplemental" operating system because you'll want to dual boot with another operating system,

207 Nov 22, 2009
Lazarus 1.0.12  
Lazarus is a Delphi compatible cross-platform IDE for Rapid Application Development.

74 Sep 04, 2013
Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 Update 21  
Java SE 6u18 includes performance improvements and additional operating system support.

485 Jul 21, 2010
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