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Category : Linux : Internet Softwares



Date Added

Xringd 1.20  
The Linux Extended Ring Daemon matches "sequences" of a phonerings/timedelay confguration with rings

458 Apr 16, 2010
Xpmbrowser 2.4  
Xpmbrowser is a small Xwindows program that displays all .xpm files contained in a certain directory as buttons.

473 Apr 18, 2010
wxpypg 0.12  
wxpypg is a postgresql frontend written in python/wxpython.

424 Apr 21, 2010
Weex is designed to automate the task of remotely maintaining a Web page or other FTP archive.

439 Apr 18, 2010
Web.GET 1.0  
Web.GET is a user-friendly Web tool for managing file downloads.

509 Apr 18, 2010
tnftpd 20040810  
tnftpd is a port of the NetBSD FTP server to other systems.

485 Apr 16, 2010
Slackpack Package Manager 1.1.0  
Slackpack is a package manager for Slackware Linux with GUI.

620 Apr 21, 2010
RegDllView 1.55  
RegDllView is a small utility that displays the list of all registered dll/ocx/exe files (COM registration)

352 Aug 30, 2013
ProZilla 1.3.6-1  
ProZilla is a download accelerator for Linux which gives you a 200% to 300% improvement in your file downloading speeds.

539 Apr 20, 2010
plowshare 0.2.1  
Plowshare is a command-line downloader and uploader for some file-sharing websites. Sites currently supported:

439 Apr 21, 2010
Phone 002  
The phone program is an internet phone for linux .

517 Apr 20, 2010
nfs-server 2.2beta47  
This package contains all the necessary programs to make your Linux machine act as an NFS server

485 Apr 18, 2010
Nautilus-thumbnailers provides scripts that generate thumbnails for several file formats commonly used in the GNOME environment.

492 Apr 17, 2010
The first widely used, long term network monitoring tool on the Internet.

422 Apr 20, 2010
masqidentd 1.2.1  
masqidentd is an Ident daemon for Linux systems that use IP masquerading.

479 Apr 19, 2010
LiquidIRCd Services 1.0.2  
LiquidIRCd Services provides channel/nick registration services for IRC networks.

639 Apr 18, 2010
Links 2.1  
Links is powerful text or graphical web browser. Support for i18n

428 Apr 21, 2010
KSquirrel is an image viewer for KDE implementing OpenGL with disk navigator

444 Apr 21, 2010
KonzolovĂ˝ stahovač z rapidshare

488 Apr 21, 2010
jpig is a program to read and decompress JPEG images

479 Apr 17, 2010
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