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Category : Linux : Education Softwares



Date Added

X-Bc 1.6.2  
a graphical user interface to bc.

381 Apr 21, 2010
This program converts wav sound files into a format suitable for CD-ROMs

174 Apr 17, 2010
SNAC 0.3  
preplay stands for Packet REPLAYer.

134 Apr 21, 2010
rediff 1.1  
rediff is a diff format converter (from unified to context or vice versa).

141 Apr 19, 2010
python-gtkhtml 0.6  
FIGlet is a program for making large ASCII letters out of ordinary text. It supports a variety of fonts.

154 Apr 18, 2010 2.10 uses the Perl Image::Info module to convert various digital camera images to the YYYYMMDD-NNN.jpg naming format.

172 Apr 18, 2010
Pcx2ppm 1.2  
Pcx2ppm converts PCX files to PPM format. It supports many more files than pbmplus/netpbm's `pcxtoppm

197 Apr 16, 2010
pclock-bezier 0.10  
A two-hour hack. Combined the rather cool Bezier Clock (bclock) with those wonky curves that bezier between the three hands

183 Apr 17, 2010
papercut 0.1.1  
papercut is command line based Rock, Paper, Scissors game for Unix based operating systems

159 Apr 21, 2010
Mjrz Personal Finance Manager  
Mjrz Personal finance manager is a simple tool for managing accounts and expenses.

268 Apr 21, 2010
le editor 1.11.3  
LE has many block operations with stream and rectangular blocks

153 Apr 16, 2010
Lcalc 1.0  
A simple 4-operation calculator for Linux.

161 Apr 17, 2010
Kmail2kab 0.0.1b3  
COnverts KMail Address Book to KAB format (KDE Address Book).

133 Apr 18, 2010
Jednoduché účetnictví - Fantozzi  
Program svými službami pokrývá ekonomický chod malé a střední firmy účtující v soustavě jednoduchého účetnictví.

166 Apr 16, 2010
iVerbs 0.5  
Education tool which aim is to help student to learn irregular verbs in languages where is it dificult and neccesary (English, German, ...).

262 Apr 25, 2010
Ico2xpm 1.1  
Converts Win icons to X pixmaps.

142 Apr 16, 2010
Html2txt removes all HTML tags and symbols from an HTML file, producing an output text file

152 Apr 17, 2010
HoneyCalc 2-2.1-0  
HoneyCalc je kompletní systém podvojného účetnictví, který je určen pro menší

159 Apr 24, 2010
gtk-perl calculator  
The GTK/Perl Calculator has some business functions and can plot graphics in an adjustable size window.

321 Apr 17, 2010
GeBlog 0.1  
GeBlog is a modular Weblog (blog) system written in PHP.

142 Apr 21, 2010
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