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Category : Linux : Games



Date Added

GalaxyHack 0.52  
Multiplayer AI script based strategy game.

435 Apr 21, 2010
FooBillard 3.0a  
FooBillard is a free OpenGL-billard game for Linux with realistic physics

224 Apr 19, 2010
Empire Server 4.2.10  
Empire is a real time, multiplayer, Internet-based game, featuring military, diplomatic, and economic goals.

202 Apr 20, 2010
Emilia Pinball Project 0.3.1  
The Emilia Pinball project is an open source pinball simulator intended for linux machines by Henrik Enqvist.

258 Apr 20, 2010
ELECTRON 31-10-2002  
It's a networked client-server game, loosely based on the mud (and therefore also the movie) TRON

202 Apr 21, 2010
E.T. GAME je hra ve které sbiráte předměty umistěné náhodně v prostoru.

212 Apr 20, 2010
Darwersi is a new strong othello game implementation.

171 Apr 21, 2010
Connect 4 game 0.1  
This is famaus Connect 4 game in console without any graphic for Win32 and Linux.

269 Apr 21, 2010
CodeCracker 2.0  
CodeCracker is a great little MasterMind like game for the Palm Pilot. A fantastic little mind teaser.

204 Apr 21, 2010
cgi_buffer 0.3  
cgi_buffer is a group of libraries that may be used to improve performance of CGI scripts (and other content generation engines).

206 Apr 21, 2010
Bridge Calculator  
Bridge Calculator is freeware program written by Piotr Beling which solves problems in the Bridge card game (like bridge double dummy problem).

184 Apr 25, 2010
BrainCurses 0.5a  
BrainCurses is a clone of the Mastermind game implemented in ncurses.

169 Apr 17, 2010
Atoms is a simple two player turn based game and now ready to run on palmOS.

209 Apr 21, 2010
AI/ALife server used by the WorldForge project. 0.3.1  
Multiplayer AI script based strategy game.

167 Apr 21, 2010
3D Python OpenGL Chess Game 2.25  
3D Python OpenGL Chess Game is a normal chess game that has no computer player (yet).

345 Apr 19, 2010
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