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Category : Linux : Miscellaneous



Date Added

Anonftpd 0.96  
anonftpd is a fast, read-only, anonymous FTP server

224 Apr 17, 2010
Ammonite 1.0.2  
Ammonite is a client-side HTTP proxy with special features for connecting to Eazel Services.

233 Apr 16, 2010
Allen Bradley PCMK Driver v0.0.1  
The Allen Bradley PCMK Driver is a PCMCIA module and related userland utility to facilitate using the Allen Bradley PCMK

221 Apr 17, 2010
Alkaline UNIX/NT Search Engine 1.8  
The Alkaline Search Engine is an all-in-one index and search server

198 Apr 21, 2010
agentValidate 1.0  
agentValidate is a Python module designed to facilitate authorization of users before permitting any execution of code.

235 Apr 16, 2010
Action Cube  
ActionCube is a total conversion of Wouter van Oortmerssen´s FPS called Cube.

253 Apr 21, 2010
Abe's Amazing Adventure!! 1.0  
Abe's Amazing Adventure!! je predelavka klasicke scrollovaci hopsacky z Commodora.

210 Apr 21, 2010
Aamon 1.1  
Aamon is a C++ library offering multithreading, synchronization

198 Apr 17, 2010
@1 Word Publisher  
@1 Word Publisher lets you edit multiple Web pages via an ordinary browser.

231 Apr 20, 2010
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