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Category : Linux : Miscellaneous



Date Added

pyttymon 0.18  
pyttymon is a simple daemon that monitors and limits usage of ttys. It is implemented in Python.

225 Apr 18, 2010
python-mhash 1.2  
python-mhash Thread-safe hash Python library.

295 Apr 17, 2010
python-libcommon 1.0.8-1  
python-libcommon contains Map, Set, and Graph data types for Python.

238 Apr 19, 2010
PyStem 1.0.4  
PyStem is a fast Python module with the the Porter stemming algorithm

224 Apr 16, 2010
pyredir 0.29  
pyredir is a flexible but simple redirector for Squid implemented in Python.

260 Apr 17, 2010
pyproxy is a combined TCP and ICP to ICMP mapping proxy implemented in Python

264 Apr 19, 2010
Pylize 1.1b  
pylize' is a Python script that creates on-screen presentations quickly and simply.

210 Apr 20, 2010
pyFlashCards 0.2.1  
pyFlashCards is a wxPython based application for creating and studying flash cards.

237 Apr 21, 2010
pydance 1.0.0  
pydance je simulator tanceni napsany v Pythonu

230 Apr 20, 2010
Pxdiff 0.0.7  
Bulk Mailer helps speed the delivery of an email message to many recipients using Sendmail.

376 Apr 18, 2010
pwig 0.6.2  
pwig is a SWIG extension that allows one to develop new language modules using Python

344 Apr 21, 2010
Pthy 0.4.1  
Pthy is a utility to facilitate easy switching between multiple branches of modules in your Python path.

235 Apr 18, 2010
Psyco 1.4  
Psyco shows that it is possible to execute Python code at speeds

569 Apr 21, 2010
preplay stands for Packet REPLAYer.

303 Apr 21, 2010
PrBoom 2.2.4  
PrBoom je jeden z mnoha enginu pro hrani Dooma.

255 Apr 21, 2010
PowerXware 2.0  
PowerXware run Windows Applications on Linux and Unix-Like systems. It is free, but it have other license.

226 Apr 25, 2010
Pizza Business 1.0  
Pizza Business je simulátor restauračniho zařízeni.

209 Apr 20, 2010
phpMp 0.10.2  
Web interface for Music Player Daemon (MPD)

249 Apr 17, 2010
pdumpq 0.2-1  
pdumpq can be used to take queued packets from netfilter/iptables and dump them to a file that decoders like tcpdump

203 Apr 18, 2010
pdfsam is an open source tool (GPL license) designed to handle pdf files.

243 Apr 19, 2010
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