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Category : Linux : Applets



Date Added

ZClock 1.17  
ZClock is a simple but highly configurable GNOME clock applet

290 Apr 18, 2010
This app shows the current internet time.

263 Apr 19, 2010
Allows you to monitor and control the CPU fan in several models of Toshiba laptops.

280 Apr 19, 2010
wmtictactoe 1.1  
A fun tic-tac-toe game!

314 Apr 19, 2010
A fully functional version of Tetris in a dock app!

226 Apr 19, 2010
WMRack 1.0b5  
WMRack is a full-featured CD Player and Mixer in one dock app.

278 Apr 18, 2010
wmPinboard 0.9.1  
wmpinboard is a tiny, simple applet designed to be docked to Window Maker's dock or workspace clip

284 Apr 17, 2010
WMNUT 0.60  
WMNUT is a program to monitor UPS statistics through the NUT

263 Apr 17, 2010
wmmp3 0.12  
mp3 player dock app for windowmaker; frontend to mpg123

285 Apr 20, 2010
WMmp 0.9.0  
A Window Maker dock app for interfacing the Music Player Daemon

289 Apr 19, 2010
WMmnt 2.5  
A patch to (above) using Everything LED display.

265 Apr 16, 2010
WMMail 0.63a  
WMMail is based on xbiff, and indicates that you have mail, new mail, or no mail.

288 Apr 18, 2010
WMint 0.8  
wmint is a simple dockable Interrupts Monitor for Window Maker

292 Apr 18, 2010
WMiFS 1.3b1  
WMiFS is a dock app for monitoring all your network interfaces

259 Apr 19, 2010
wmhdown 1.0  
wmhdown is a Window Maker applet for monitoring a list of hosts.

247 Apr 19, 2010
WMgMon 0.4.0  
WMgMon is a generic monitor applet for WindowMaker and Afterstep.

249 Apr 16, 2010
WMgl518sm 0.5  
This Dockapp displays cpu temperature, fan speed and core voltage provided by the gl518sm-r00 chip.

277 Apr 17, 2010
WMFSM 0.31  
WMFSM shows the percentage of free space across your file systems.

222 Apr 19, 2010
wmflame 0.60  
wmflame is a windowmaker dock applet that draws flames.

278 Apr 16, 2010
A fiery load meter

248 Apr 17, 2010
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