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Category : Desktop Tools



Date Added

Windows Touch Remix (beta) 1.05b (Recommended)
Custom Touch Screen software for your Eee PC

656 May 20, 2009
Vista Drive Icon v1.4 (Recommended)
Changes your Xp Drives Icons with Bars like Vista Icons.

670 Nov 19, 2008
VirtuaWIn 4.3 (Recommended)
VirtuaWin is a virtual desktop manager for the Windows operating system (Win9x/ME/NT/Win2K/XP/Win2003/Vista/Win7)

228 Sep 22, 2010
UNetbootin 4.42 (Recommended)
UNetbootin allows you to create bootable Live USB drives for Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distributions without burning a CD.

244 May 18, 2010
T3Desk 2010 - Build Version 09.12 (Recommended)
Lets you manage your applications more easily in a 3D desktop adding the third dimension to your Windows screen.

388 Dec 16, 2009
T3Desk 2010 (Build version 10.01) (Recommended)
T3Desk lets you manage your applications more easily in a 3D desktop adding the third dimension to your Windows screen.

406 Jan 18, 2010
Real Desktop Standard 1.64 (Recommended)
Real Desktop gives your ordinary desktop new life and turns it into a Real Desktop.

307 Dec 20, 2010
My CPU Monitor 1.00 (Recommended)
My CPU Monitor shows processor usage in real time in the systray area.

546 Mar 12, 2012
Instant Elevator Music (Recommended)
Ever wanted to have elevator music while you wait for your computer to finish things? Now you can!

282 May 04, 2010
Free Alarm Clock (Recommended)
This freeware program allows you to set as many alarms as you want.

723 Feb 18, 2011
Dexpot 1.5 (Recommended)
Dexpot turns your monitor into up to 20. Dexpot creates additional workspaces you can quickly switch between.

221 Nov 26, 2010
DesktopOK 2.39 (Recommended)
Save and restore the positions of icons.

292 Apr 07, 2011
DesktopOK 2.18 (Recommended)
Save and restore the positions of icons.

175 Oct 19, 2010
Cooliris 1.12 - Enjoy Fast Way to Enjoy Photos and Videos on Netbook (Recommended)
Turn your browser into a fast and stunning way to enjoy photos & videos.

222 Sep 24, 2010
BumpTop 3D Desktop Enhancement (Recommended)
Its simple: 3D Desktop for your netbook

721 Jan 22, 2010
AquaSnap 1.2.1 (Recommended)
Enhance your productivity without slowing down your PC and is a great replacement for the Aero Snap and Aero Shake features of Windows 7

211 May 24, 2010
Zulu Time Converter 1.0  
Zulu Time Converter is a free converter for Zulu Time, it can convert Zulu time to UTC time, GMT time, EST time, CST time, MST time, PST time and Local time.

71 Oct 01, 2013
ZoomText 9.1  
An advanced screen magnification program that enlarges and enhances everything on the computer screen, making your computer easier to see and use.

692 Nov 08, 2009
YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer), is the successor to our MultibootISOs.

139 Jan 15, 2014
YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer), is the successor to MultibootISOs.

133 Aug 26, 2013
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