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Date Added

Mozilla Firefox Portable 40.0.2  
Mozilla Firefox is a fast, full-featured web browser that's easy to use. It has lots of great features including popup-blocking, tabbed-browsing
241 Aug 25, 2015
AirDC++ 3.00b / 2.91  
AirDC++ is a modern, easy to use client for Advanced Direct Connect and Direct Connect networks. You are able to join "hubs" with other users, and chat, perform searches and browse the share of each
218 Aug 25, 2015
VertrigoServ 2.35  
VertrigoServ has been developed as a highly professional, easy to install package consisting of Apache (HTTP web server),
174 Aug 25, 2015
TcpLogView 1.20  
TcpLogView is a simple utility that monitors the opened TCP connections on your system, and adds a new log line every time that a TCP connection is opened or closed.
152 Aug 25, 2015
System Information Viewer 5.02  
SIV by Ray Hinchliffe. 'System Information Viewer' is a general Windows utility for displaying lots of useful Windows,
187 Aug 25, 2015
There are various reasons why you may want to surf the Internet anonymously, including protecting yourself from identity theft.
181 Aug 25, 2015
UC Browser for PC 5.2.3635.1033  
Never miss a game with UC Browser - UC Cricket upda
192 Aug 25, 2015
nVIDIA ForceWare Drivers for Windows Vista/7/8 (32-bit) 355.60  
This driver package supports GeForce 8, 9, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, and 700-series desktop GPUs as well as ION desktop GPUs.
223 Aug 25, 2015
Attribute Changer 8.0b  
Attribute Changer can modify photo information (EXIF) by manually entering date and time values or you can choose to synchronize info with time stamps and file date.
207 Aug 24, 2015
XAMPP 5.6.11  
XAMPP project is a very easy to install Apache distribution for Linux, Solaris, and Windows.
232 Aug 24, 2015
OutlookAddressBookView 1.97  
OutlookAddressBookView is a simple utility that displays the details of all recipients stored in the address books of Microsoft Outlook.
171 Aug 24, 2015
Net.Belote 2.1  
Description: The allocated data traffic of the hosting account for this website has been exceeded and the website is temporarily suspended.
241 Aug 24, 2015
AirDroid for Win  
AirDroid makes your multi-screen life easier and more focused by helping you access and manage your phone from any computer, anywhere.
179 Aug 24, 2015
CPU-Z Portable 1.73.0  
CPU-Z is a freeware that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system
240 Aug 24, 2015
Universal Media Server 5.2.2  
Universal Media Server is a media server capable of serving videos, audio and images to any DLNA-capable device.
190 Aug 24, 2015
Kryptelite 7.15  
Kryptel encrypts any number of files or folders and places them into a secure container.
175 Aug 24, 2015
Wise Memory Optimizer 3.37.91  
Wise Memory Optimizer automatically calculates and displays the used, free and total memory of your computer upon deployment, along with a pie chart.
212 Aug 24, 2015
Bandizip 5.07.12631  
Bandizip is a lightweight, fast and free All-In-One Zip Archiver.
214 Aug 24, 2015
digiKam 4.12.0  
The Randa Meeting is an annual KDE sprint that takes place in Randa, Switzerland.
264 Aug 22, 2015
OpenDrive makes file sharing and collaboration
208 Aug 22, 2015


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