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BlackBerry Master Control Program

Ultrabook / Netbook Software Downloads » Desktop Tools » BlackBerry Master Control Program
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Date Added:

Jan 06, 2013 12:09 PM

Publisher's Description:

BlackBerry Master Control Program (MCP) is a power tool for BlackBerry devices designed for basic, moderate and advanced users.
You can use BlackBerry Master Control Program (MCP) to (Basic) take screenshots (including auto-capture and auto-save), set the device time, turn the radio/on off, recover memory, gather information, view/clear event logs, display modules, gather module information, create ALX/JAD files, backup and restore third party applications, (Advanced) handheld wipe (all 3 types), factory reset, load, save and erase modules.  The Operating System Management page allows you to completely manage and optimize any OS you want to install on your device.  The Javaloader CLI page offers a 1:1 GUI for javaloader.exe.
MCP allows you to keep an unlimited number of OS’s installed on your PC but at the time you actually install an OS to your device MCP only lets RIM’s Application Loader “see” the OS you had selected inside MCP.  Most OS 101 articles tell you to uninstall all other OS’s from your PC before you begin the process.  This is time consuming to say the least.  MCP allows you to keep multiple BlackBerry OS’s installed on your computer and keep them in their current (possibly optimized) state for later use at any time.
Any controls that can potentially harm your device are blocked from use until you enter a passphrase… so even new users can’t do any harm using it until they know what they are doing.
MCP is 100% unrestricted, donations are always welcome.  Registration allows users to remove the PayPal Donate button.
For more information about what MCP is or what it can do, or if you are looking for information about how MCP works with different operating systems (including virtual machines), please use the “Documentation” menu (link) at the top of the page.
More details and features are outlined lower on this page.




Last Download:

Oct 13, 2014 01:28 AM






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BlackBerry Master Control Program

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