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Category : Linux : Miscellaneous



Date Added

JojoPong 1.2  
Simple clone of pong (with smile) for one or two players.

215 Apr 17, 2010
Jetty provides an HTTP server, HTTP client, and javax.servlet container.

218 Apr 20, 2010
Jeremy Web Server  
Small, clever and fast http web server.

227 Apr 21, 2010
Java Yahtzee  
Java (J2ME) implementation of Yahtzee board game on your mobile phone with remarkable graphics and sound.

234 Apr 21, 2010
Jalopy 1.0-0.b10.4  
Jalopy is a source code formatter for the Sun Java programming language.

235 Apr 21, 2010
ipsectrace 0.1.0  
Ipsectrace is a simple utility designed to profile the ipsec traffic

206 Apr 17, 2010 is a standalone Perl script that can extract file format

245 Apr 17, 2010
IBM Lotus Symphony  
Based on, IBM has released there own office suite.

217 Apr 25, 2010
HTB.init is a shell script derived from CBQ.init that allows for easy setup of HTB-based traffic control on Linux.

227 Apr 21, 2010
Hierarchical Sitemapper 0.1  
Hierarchical Sitemapper is a Python script that crawls the file system to create an HTML site map.

234 Apr 17, 2010
Hackbot 2.21  
Hackbot is a host exploration tool, vulnerability scanner, and banner grabber.

231 Apr 18, 2010
gtkSMS 0.3  
gtkSMS is a small application which assists in sending many SMS messages

217 Apr 17, 2010
Utility for tracking cycles of menstruation and for prediction of next period's date.

445 Apr 21, 2010
gspeedstep 0.1  
gspeedstep is a small GTK tool that allows you to change the speed of your processor using SpeedStep governors.

230 Apr 18, 2010
grsecurity 2.0.1  
Grsecurity is an innovative approach to security utilizing a multi-layered detection, prevention, and containment model.

172 Apr 21, 2010
Graham's Leave 1.00  
A program which reminds you when you have to leave.

220 Apr 17, 2010
GPSD Client for LCDPROC 0.03  
GPSD Client for LCDPROC connects to GPSD and collects location

383 Apr 16, 2010
gpppwrap 1.1  
gpppwrap is a graphical user interface to conveniently select a phone number and dial into your ISP.

207 Apr 16, 2010
mp3 encoder based on LAME. You can get the newest version from kei-i's page.

212 Apr 20, 2010
Gnokii-smstools 0.4  
Gnokii-smstools provides a way to spool short messages (SMS) using a Nokia cellphone.

194 Apr 18, 2010
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